Footballers who Slept with Liverpool Escorts

Liverpool Escorts

Liverpool ex-players are not shy of using Liverpool escorts, here are 2 ex Liverpool players who have been caught using escorts:

Ex-Liverpool player Peter Crouch was left fighting for his relationship with fianceé Abbey Clancy after being accused of cheating on her with a teenage prostitute. The woman, who calls herself Monica Mint, claims Crouch paid her £800 for liaisons in the back of a taxi and at an £80-a-night hotel.

Ex-Liverpool player Mario Balotelli snogged blonde Holly Henderson in a club then bombarded her with a string of texts after offering £20,000 for her phone number.


Liverpool Escorts

Liverpool players aren’t the only footballers who have been engaged in these kind of liasons. In fact, compared to other teams, Liverpool have probably had less of these incidents! The worst has to be though from scouser Wayne Rooney. The Manchester United player has slept with Jenny Thompson, a 27-year-old former escort and reality star originally from Bolton. During her time as a vice girl, she is reported to have slept with at least thirteen premiership footballers, including Rooney and Mario Balotelli.

She is currently on the TV show Ex on the Beach and has a book out Bang to Wrights where she details her threesome with family man Wayne Rooney behind his pregnant wife’s back, her liaison with boxing legend Amir Kahn in nightclub toilets, how she played a part in a gay sexual scenario between a footballing star and his agent and how she was roughly abused by another foreign football ace.


It seems like Ballotelli is the worst of these footballers though, being mentioned in nearly every case where a call girl has slept with footballers! Ballotelli is currently considering his future as he told fans via social media that Silvio Berlusconi didn’t want him at Milan, but he “would go” to Napoli. “Why did I throw my Inter jersey on the pitch against Barcelona? I made two or three mistakes in a row, I really wanted to do well and the San Siro crowd started jeering me.”

Perhaps another escort will sort out his problems.