Cheapest place to buy FIFA 17

Normally we give out football betting tips, but this time we are giving out a football video game tip:

The cheapest place to buy FIFA 17 is to download it from the Playstation Store….. for only £25!


That can’t be true right?

It is true, let us show you how to get FIFA 17 on launch day for cheap.

Cheapest place to buy FIFA 17

Cheapest place to buy FIFA 17

The key is to share your game downloads with a trusted friend or relative.  One person buys FIFA 17 for £50, the other gives them £25 to share the cost. Then both people can play the game on their separate PS4s even at the same time!

Sounds too good to be true? It is true and it works:

This is completely legal and within the terms and conditions of the download. The Terms and Condtions got updated in August 2016 which means that people who abuse this by sharing their account details with lots of people say on Facebook in order to give out free games WILL be banned. But if its just you and your friend there is no risk of you being banned.

This is detailed here in the video below – again, if its just you and a friend then this is with the Terms and you won’t be banned.

It amazing that more people don’t know this trick to play games for cheap. Every year you see articles across the media listing places to get the game for the cheapest price but no one seems to mention the best way to do it. The FIFA download costs £50 so thats £25 each for you and your mate.  Its better than getting the disc version too as it means you can go straight into the game without the hassle of changing discs. Also every other download that you and your mate have made is available to eachother. So you’re potentially getting  a library of games for free!

Make sure to share this article with your friends to make sure you’re not overpaying for FIFA 17 this football season.